Can you help me identify this tomato?

I planted this tomaato last spring but lost the identifying marker and
cannot recall what it was. I don't remember it being anything out of the
ordinary, I think it may have been mis-identified at the store where I
bought the plant. I don't recall buying anything unusual, but this one
sure is. It's my favorite, if only I knew what it was.
I just harvested the last fruit on Christmas day (I'm in So. California).
It has been producing since early July!
The fruit is small, pear shaped, non-ribbed and of very unusual coloring.
It is mostly green and red with touches of purple. Kind of like Christmas
colors. It is very juicy and has a wonderful rich flavor. I want to
figure out what it is so I can plant it again.
Any guesses or help would be appreciated.
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Charles Minus
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On Sat, 31 Dec 2005 19:57:52 GMT, Charles Minus wrote:
Sounds like it might be Black Plum. Check out these nurseries that specialize in tomatoes.
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There are a lot of others that have tomato seeds, but these are the ones I happen to have catalogues for right now.
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The Cook
Maybe the Ukranian Pear...
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like the way the website is laid out.
Good links. Thanks, Susan.
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