before and after pics

mostly done, had to wind it down so i can get ready for
planting - i say mostly because i still have too many
brown beans to keep all of them. i'll go through those
again this winter and pare them down further.
formatting link

formatting link

i'd needed to sort all of the old collections out from some
years ago anyways and this way i have several shelves of space
back (which is important for a horizontal organizer :) )...
i can fit what i have left on one shelf and have also set
aside about a hundred samples for the next seed swap already
so that will make it quicker to get ready.
a few lbs of the extra beans will be worm food because they
had some defect on them which made me think the worms should
eat them instead of us. another 5 lbs for us to eat - old
beans may take a bit longer to cook but they are still edible.
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I showed your bean picture to my wife and she asked me to tell you that the y're beautifully organized. She uses an alphabetic accordion folder to orga nize her seed packets. I put up 11 home-made tomato cages this morning for her many varieties of tomato plants. Also, 9 cages for the bell peppers.
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they are much better now than before for sure as at least i know i can find what i'm looking for within each collection now just by looking and that is what is most important for me. so many of them do not have names so they are organized by color/pattern or project.
the named ones have their own records which i keep in a three ring binder which also says where i got them and when or if they are a cross breed that has shown up at least i know when i first started tracking them.
there was a guy at the seed swap who had several thousand kinds of tomatoes with him. over the years we've grown perhaps half a dozen.
i'm ready for some home grown tomatoes. :) we don't see them here until early to mid August.
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Hi Songbird,
I can feel the potential energy! A thing of beauty!
Q: your wife let you bring dirt into the house? What is your secret!?
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T wrote: ...
garden season is coming along. able to get outside now helps a lot. will be outside today.
i'm not married, live with Mom. Mom lets me keep worms in the house. she's used to me by now - knows what i'm capable of doing. sorta. lol
gotta get the hoses put out today and then get back to work in the North garden. got a lot of weeds to get out of there plus move a lot of plants (to make it easier to weed next time). gonna be working on it for weeks yet i think...
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