Doors won't close after painting and swapping hinges

I took down all my interior doors and painted them over the last week. I swapped out the gold hinges for oil rubbed bronze and went to hang them back up only to discover that some (not all) no longer fit. I mean REALLY won't even get close to closing. What is going on and how to I fix it?? It is definitely more than just the paint being a little thick - they closed easily before and now aren't even close to closing. Any help would be WONDERFUL!
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Did you mark the doors on top so they go back into the same frame? Are the new hinges thicker? if so, you may need to deepen the mortise. doors can be pesky
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As it turns out there were a few things at fault. First - I marked none of the doors about where they came from - yeah, super handy, I know. Fortunately a few doors had some identifying marks and after a very late night we got everything hung exactly where they should be. Secondly - there are a few doors that are actually an inch or two smaller than the others. Yeah....who knew? Third, when putting the hinges on, we put a few on upside down - yeah, oops (and yes it makes a difference - and that's exactly what hanging doors at midnight will get you)! Fourth, you can cheat the doors a little when hanging them. Initially we just put all the hinges in exactly but on this particular door that we were sure didn't fit we hung it one last time and pushed it hard to the side a little and it opens and closes beautifully. There are two doors that rub slightly but that's just a quick sand and touch-up paint away. I will say that it is extremely humid so I've been trying to let the paint cure as it can take an entire week - but on the plus side we know they won't stick if this is the most humid week of the year. Unfortunately sometimes weather and schedule are not always aligned. We're pretty handy around the house - although from this message you wouldn't guess it, lol - hopefully these first time door hanging mistakes will help someone else!
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