MEK solvent cement for shower repair

I've got a motorhome with a plastic shower tray that has a few cracks in it,
there's a place on ebay that sells some stuff in a silicone sealant type tube for repairing plastic shower trays, but it's very expensive, and postage is a bit high too.
All i can see on the photo of the stuff is M.E.K Solvent Cement.
he says it's usually used for the join between a plastic tray and the wall boards in mobile homes/holiday caravans, but it's also ideal for repairs to plastic shower trays,
it comes out like a sealant, but sets to hard plastic in 12 hours.
Anyone know of another brand of this stuff, or where i could get some from in a shop i can walk into... got a B&Q warehouse 25 miles from me, normal b&q and wickes.. but they dont have anything like it, or would a building supplier like jacksons, travis perkins be a better bet to try,
i've searched on the internet and all that comes up for M.E.K solvent cement is what the mek initials stand for, and a load of solvent cleaners, or some cement used in model making that comes in tiny bottles, so that's not the stuff, this is ment to be a gloop type stuff you squidge in the cracks, smooth out, and it sets like new plastic.
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