Why do part time employees make less per hour than full time

An hours work is an hours work. Why should it pay less? I can think of no reason why two workers doing the same job should get different pay.
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reason why two workers doing the same job should get different pay.
Workers get more per hour when more total hours have been worked is basical ly because a more-frequent worker is considered a more serious or experienc ed one - thus a more valuable one. A full-time employee devotes his or her full attention toward their job. A part-time worker is not so single-minded about his or her vocation.
Paying someone compensation for their time is a contrived concept to begin with. Depending on the job, the value of a unit time varies from totally no thing to completely valuable. Someone who knows how to do a job (say, fixin g a generator) is infinitely more valuable than someone who doesn't have a clue.
Compensation isn't given on productive-value alone. Although it is generall y observed as an injustice, the CEOs in America get paid substantially more than low-level workers. Naturally, these people don't all function in the same capacity.
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"Execs actually make about 350 times greater than the rank-and-file worker. "
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