Epoxy Drying Time

I purchased Oatey Fix it Stick to repair a pin hole leak in a copper water pipe.
On the directions it does not say how long before it is cured enough to turn
the water back on. It does say it takes 24 hours for it to be completely cured.
This product can be used under water. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Epoxy does not dry but cures by polymerization with cross linking.
The quick acting stuff can gel after 5 minutes and become unworkable and is not fully cured for 24 hours but is useable in less than an hour.
Since this stuff appears to have catalyst maybe in a separate phase in one stick, I doubt if it gels fast and full cure will take as long as they say but otherwise you cannot tell time to maybe usable half strength.
Cures are also dependent on temperature. You can speed it up with gentle heat.
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Is that white dough like you knead and apply to the affected area? I used it on a less than a pin hole on a main ball valve body(casting flaw I guess), kneaded it well, applied it, left over night to be sure. It worked, stopped the mist like leak. Replacing the valve was bit hard task located in a sitting height crawl space.(time and cost)
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Tony Hwang
You'd think they woudl say that, if only to increase sales and make people happy.
He doesn't say it either:
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but he does seem to wrap the stuff all the way around the pipe, which I think is a good idea.
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I'd suggest either fixing the pipe or using a piece of rubber with a band clamp. Maybe the putty will work, but I wouldn't want to depend on it.
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Since it says "takes 24 hours for it to be completely cured", then you wait 24 hours. If you only wait 10 hours and it starts to leak again, then you have to redo the patch and clean up the water. (and wait another 24 hours). Why risk it?
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If they say fully cured in 24 hours, I'd wait *at least* 24 hours. Even though it says it can be used underwater, I'm guessing that it shouldn't be put under pressure until it is fully cured.
Fernco carries a putty and tape system that says it is fully cured in approximately 30 minutes.
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'twere it me, I'd fix the pipe properly by removing the section with the hole if it's even close to reasonably possible. Short of that, I'd go with a putty and tape solution over just putty by itself. Then I'd worry about it until I eventually repaired it properly. ;-)
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Decided to use Oatey Fix-it instead of Fiber Fix because of the location of the pipe leak. Easier to appy the puddy then the wrap. Waited 11 hours after application. So far, no leaks
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Glenn Orbon

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