I am running new a/c, heating ducting, I need help with duct size

I am replacing the ducting to my 3 tonn a/c heating unit, would running individual 6 inch ducts to each room be better than running one 8 inch duct with offshoots to each room. thank you
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pink sky girl
Without knowing much  else about your system, I would say that in general terms multiple 6" square ducts are moving more air than a single 8" square, obviously, and having individual ducts into rooms will enable zoning (i.e. individual climate control of rooms) which is a very nice feature. So, to say nothing of the fact that with more ductwork you will have more duct sealing to worry about and less space for everything else, I would say it's great to have individual 6" ducts into rooms is better than one 8" with branches.
Even though I think your 8" is actually 8"x14" (as needed to move aprox. 1000 to 1200 cfm for the 3 ton unit),  two 6x6 will still move almost the same amount of air and will allow for individual climate control should you need it now or in the future.  
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