Suggestions on cleaning sliver bullion / bars.

The chemical symbol for Silver is Ag.
I was given some silver bars - several 10 oz and 1 oz sizes. And a few coins - some coins are collectable and some are just valuable for their Ag content. Some of the items have tarnished. IIRC Ag tarnishes as a result of sulfur exposure. I would like to remove the tarnish on some of the bars and a few of the "non-collectable" coins. I don't want to remove any Ag if possible. I've seen some polishers that use abrasives to clean and I'm not sure if this is a good idea. I've also seen some processes of removing Ag tarnish that uses chemical reactions - salt, tin foil and vinagar I belive.
Does anyone have a suggestion or advice on cleaning the silver and how to store it to prevent tarnishing? Or if there are any things I could put in with the siver to prevent the tarnishing?
I have something that I store with my iron items (guns, knives, trinkets) that release a Volital Organic Compound of some kind that forms a barrier around the metal and prevents rusting. I'm unsure if there is something like this for silver or not.
I will also search the net and try to see if there is a collectable coin news group that my have some advice.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
Irving Drinkwine
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