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remove drill chuck from 10-inch Craftsman Radial Saw?
Can anyone explain how to remove a drill chuck from a 10-inch Craftsman Radial Saw (Model No. 113.29461)? The chuck is on the opposite end of the motor shaft from the saw blade side. A picture in the...
3 years ago
How much weight per foot will a 3/4 plywood decking support placed on 2x8 joist 24" centers 8' long
A piece of plywood 3/4 on 2x8 joist on 24 inch center 8 feet long what per sq. foot weight can it hold?
5 years ago
Looking for a parts listing on a Haubold RN90 Framing nailer 22 Degree 3 1/2 st
3 1/2 streight line nails full heads Need a parts listing and a place to buy the parts..?
5 years ago
up grading a rockwell delta 46-111
does anyone know if the tail stock center on a rockwell delta 46-111 a #1MT or a #2 MT ? or what the spindle size is ?
8 years ago
what is the structural integrity of cedar posts?
I had contractors install 3, 4x4 inch cedar posts supporting the awning of my front porch. It developed some, what I believe to be, heat and stress related hairline cracks. I'm wondering if these...
8 years ago
crooked bulkhead level cabinets,how do i fix the gaps?
No further details provided My best guess is that the strategic use of some type of matching trim material applied to the edges of the cabinets and butting against the bulkhead would span the uneven...
7 years ago 2
Can I use liquid nails attach new porch spindles to an existing rail?
The spindles on my porch rail have rotted, but the top and bottom rail are in pretty good shape. Can I just replace the spindles and attach them with liquid nails or do I need to nail or screw them in...
6 years ago
shear strength of Teco nails?
What is the shear strength of a single Teco nail on an earthquake strap? I realize those straps required multiple nails but I am curious as to just what is the capacity of one nail. The shear strength...
6 years ago 1
what is the value of a sears craftman 10 inch radial saw model no. 113.199250
I would label it at $150 - $175 knowing I would  probably sell it for $125. People love to haggle on garage sales and flea markets - give them their little haggling fun they came for, they'll take...
8 years ago 2
weight capacity for a 1 inch thick by 2 or 3 feet long plywood
how much weight will a 1inch by 3 foot long piece of plywood hold. I would like to put 2 1/2 inch peices together to use for leveling my 27 foot travel trailer. how much weight can a 4 x 4 ,1 inch...
8 years ago 2
Hanging an awkward heavy cupbaord
Hi, I'm no DIY expert, but I usually manage to bumble through, but this has me stumped. I have a quite heavy (10-15kg) old pine cupboard that needs to be attached to a wall. The problem is that I...
4 years ago 1
Can I use wood sealer that has been frozen on outdoor deck?
Which Thompson WaterSeal product was it? Water-based or oil/solvent-based? Please post the product name, I'll run this by Thompson. I would be a bit worried about water-based one breaking down if...
7 years ago 4
how large the posts have to be on a second floor deck
does anybody know what code says, (Ontario), for how large the posts have to be on a second floor deck? Will 4" X 4" posts pass code or must I use 6" X 6"?? Cheers.
8 years ago
Cut ridge beam help! !
Hi , I've got a cottage which I've gutted , two of the 4 purlins are cut in half which I am sure should be whole,but what I am concerned about is the ridge beam and supporting it. The ridge beam is in...
1 year ago