Removed basement tile that tested positive for 2% Chrysotile - kids also exposed

Bought a 40 year home with old vinyl tile in basement laundry room and basement bedroom. We initially brushed off asbestos concern because previous homeowners already removed majority of the main basement floor tile due to an electrical issue which caused a flood but we needed to remove tile from the 2 other rooms. I started removing the tile with a long chisel but it would only break into little pieces. My kids would sweep the remnants as I was chipping away at it. This happened for a total of 6-7 hours over 3 days. It wasn't until after I was done that the thought of it being asbestos crept into my mind. I think because at one point there was so much dust I was blowing it out of my nose at the end of the day. The vinyl tile contained no backing/padding and it was directly applied over concrete. The test results came back and glue does not contain asbestos but tile does contain 2% Chrysotile. We consulted with an expert and we are now in wet clean up mode. I'm looking for any advice as to what I should do next. Are me and my kids at risk? I was the one that was exposed to it the most (6-7 hours) kids maybe 3 hours. Was the majority of the dust concrete, glue and asbestos? Luckily we have not moved in yet. Would you invest in a quality air test after everything has been wet cleaned? Thanks in advance.
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Not much you can do, but to get X-rayed or whatever they do and use to detect or confirm lung 10 or 20-years. Symptoms, complications and diseases from asbestos inhalation don't show up for quite a while and so far there's no asbestos removal ability or success, not even arthroscopically. However, the lungs do breakdown some of the asbestos and respiratory infections (i.e. colds and flu's) pick up and expel some more particles. - But, the Wet Clean Up Company should be doing an air-test after the clean up, it's required as far as I've heard. They have to check their work and have to redo their work until it passes the air-testing. However, asbestos particles (all types) are all around us and in everyone's air, so you had lung deposits before you started, the kids may not have...its an age and time thing. - So no, you can't get away from it and can only avoid accidental exposures by the use of water to keep the particles from becoming, staying and re-becoming airborne. However, the 2% isn't anything alarming and is the same or less than the most mild roofing, siding and drywall asbestos containing products, which don't require nor even suggest special handling, remediation companies nor permits. - You learned a valuable lesson that most people don't. They, hire someone to do something and it's done. There's never any question, whole house clean up, proper work area containment nor even disposal precautions or warnings to anyone else...following the dumpster down the road, at the refuse center nor the landfill. Does that or your situation matter? No, not at all. - Hygiene "was" the cause of diseases and cancers, but then we had "Medicine" and "magically" disease and cancer was reborn and only exploded and continues to explode to spread wider and farther than ever before. Sorry but, as proven in every family tree, heredity has nothing to do with you getting or avoiding disease or cancer. You and your kids will get something and multiple things, it's the world we've allowed.
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