VIEWRES command

By Jos van Doorn
We've got the VIEWRES command. The commands has got to do with the view resolution. With how circles and so look.
There is something you must know. When a circle or arc is drawn in AutoCAD. The circle or arc consists of straight lines or vectors. Only on the screen.
Because if the circle or arc is plotted or printed, then a truly round circle is plotted or printed. You will not see straight lines or vectors.
Zoom in on a circle or arc. To see what I mean. You'll see straight lines or vectors. The higher the number, the smoother the circle.
You set the number of straight lines or vectors using the VIEWRES command. Type VIEWRES at the command prompt. These are the prompts:
Do you want fast zooms? [Yes/No] <Y>: Enter circle zoom percent (1-20000) <10>
At the first prompt there is asked whether you want fast zooms. Of course we want fast zooms. We don't want to waste time.
We accept the default value. We press the right mouse button. And now we can enter a value for the zoom percentage.
The value for teh zoiom percentage sets how the circle or the arc is displayed in the screen. With a lot of vectors or not.
See for yourself. Draw a circle in the screen. And then change the zoom percentage using the VIEWRES command. Use these three values:
Zoom percent = 1
Zoom percent = 25
Zoom percent = 1,000
If you've got a lot of circles in your drawing. And you want to save time on regenerating the drawing. Then set the zoom percentage at a low number.
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