The Earth As a House and The Scale of Human Activity

I suppose what humans want to do with what they have, or *think* they have, discovered, through their scientific methods (whether rigourously, consciensiously or effectively applied/interpreted/ communicated or not) is up to them.
Of course there are other issues of concern, beyond just global warming, that are ostensibly related to human activity, and might do well to be part of the debate on human activity, which they often are.
Frankly, I may be more inclined to give more, say, interpretive weight, to the validity of what a scientist in the subject-in- question's field and lab might tell me, over what an ostensible developer (yikes! ;) on alt.arch (or his quoted journalist) might. :)
I just seems to make sense, especially if one wants to survive, or at least live comfortably, to "scale, proportion and/or choreograph, etc." one's lifestyle to one which may be more in keeping with the apparent constraints/scale/style of one's own home. It's no good if you're parking your car in the bedroom, or the toilet is the sink in the kitchen.
The dinosaurs didn't survive, and while humans are small in comparison, their activity is far bigger, and their meterorite may be of their own making.
Here's an (appropriately) unfinished poem, entitled "Stepping Stones", that I began back in 1991:
We won. Stepping on them now. Wrecklessly; The stones in our Crossing of a shallow, fast-moving river.
With many a careless step, some Fragile stones are crushed beneath Stumbling footwork; Fossils to study at a later date Lessons of failure
Dinosaurs. Their descendants might have had Our abused privileges The river grows wider, the stones fewer and far between As our worried feet get wetter
Will we create our own stepping stones? Or fall in, to join the thunder-lizards of our making?
Or become the stones, themselves Stepped upon by our own mistakes
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