Tearing Roof Off Single-Wide Mobile Home??

Here is the situation. We have a single-wide mobile home that was built in the mid 80's approximatly 14*70. About 15 years ago we had a "house" built around the mobile home adding on another 14*70 section. Load bearing walls were built around the perimeter and trusses used to create a nice pitched roof over the entire structure. So now we have 1/2 mobile home, 1/2 house and would like to raise the ceiling height of the mobile home by tearing off the old metal roof and extending the walls up to the trusses. Of course none of the new ceiling would be bearing on the mobile home.
My main concern is how to best remove the mobile home roof. I am definatly doing it in sections, room by room. Would the walls need to be braced up to prevent them from wobbling? Or would they be sound enough to replace a 10-12' section of wall/roof at a time?
I have seen some junk mobile homes with quite large portions of roof removed and the walls are still standing upright. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. It's amazing how much more spacious 8ft
ceilings are over 7ft.
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