Poss. Interesting Link - summary, Organic Arch Book

The book is: David Pearson New Organic Architecture The Breaking Wave
Part of the summary mentions the use of Naval Arch computer programs to model the non-rectilinear shapes.
Digressions/tangents: I just thought that the idea of designing a house more along the feel/philospohy/idea of a boat/ship is fascinating, not only because of the idea that a Naval Arch program is suited to non-rectilinear shapes, but also because, in a sense, it seems to me that one could call the home one's "ship of dreams". Firstly, in a sense, a structure is both an axis, and a transport - one can think of the structure as being an axis around which moves the slow dance of light and shadow, earth and sky; but one can also think of a structure as one's "cabin" on the ship of earth as it traverses its orbit within the solar system, and with it the galaxy/universe. Secondly, tho', the home is (well, can be) the place where one can relax and open the subconscious, allowing dreams - both the REM-sleep kind and the creative/ideational kind - to flow. "My home is my ship of dreams", I like that ;) - at the least, it's an alternative phrase to "my home is my castle" <g!>
Anyhoo, enough blither, I just thought the link might interest a few folks...
- K.
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