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I thought I'd take the convo out from under the misleading subject- heading of Chinese Drywall, despite the built-in threaded-ironies re. industrial vs natural building.

In what context? What about the still? Anyway, no ASAP then, good.

I would imagine... So what would a typical floor be composed of and how thick would it be? :)
Don wrote:

I read about rammed straw-slip walls (or however you call them). Cool things, and they look great, but I'd like to see about how they deal with plumbing and electrical with such walls. Perhaps they're embedded or external? My house design only includes plumbing more or less on one side of the house, but maybe I could still use those walls.

Maybe I should quote the book I'm reading about how the US housing industry has apparently produced overly complicated design requiring all kinds of professionals, sources (from far away) and energy (to ship it all in). I wouldn't be surprised. The more I look into it, the more it appears a real sham. Maybe we need more playtime for real work.

That's kind of what I'm doing in AutoCAD. :)

I'd be careful with the implications behind mass production. We, as a society, seem to be reconsidering the benefits and drawbacks of it.

Know any good off-the-shelf 3D doors/etc.? They're probably easy to custom-make onsite, but for the purposes of cutting my teeth, they might be a worthwhile foray.

I forget what this refers to as I copied/pasted the thread, but I'll look it up. Would that be the door frames again?

That's why ostensibly hiring professionals where needed for some parts of the project save money and headache.

Point taken. I've learned 2D, but haven't really practiced it in itself, except where 3D is concerned. But you do a lot of 2D work when doing 3D, which is funny. So I know 2D and know it very well in some ways. I mean, 3D is in a sense simply 2D along various 2D axes, like Z. I'm still flipping around the "flat plan" ucs. Did you want to learn 3D by the way?

I can see how you would have. I have new pix that I'll post if I can before my internet cafe time expires.

In a way, it would still be 2D. ;)

1 possible advantage: Once you have the model, you can "go in it".
Given that you've done 2D, you may find find it easier than you think to pick up.

It should have its application.

I'm learning a lot about that too, if more on the natural side of things than industrial sometimes, perhaps usually.

Any time. Constructive criticism on construction.

There are a lot of windows out there. I have to find a good site. Any recommendations?

Well I can and/but I'm now doing it in 2D/3D, which I prefer for now and for some reasons. I may try to dump the whole model into a rendering program if ACAD can't hack it. I worry that the script will crash, but we'll see.

Sounds like illustration. We know that many in various creative fields throughout history have done things off the book, unconventionally.
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