Architecture in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia is not great!

City built without spirit.
Zagreb from older times looks very representive by common standards at that time.
Suburbs of Zagreb, Kustošija and Črnomerec looks very miserable by european
Who wants to invest money here!? No one!
Politics in the city of Zagreb is very primitive.
It might look much better one day.
And new architecture of 21. century with new ideas can bloom whole city.
If you know the meaning of style!
People in the Kustošija and Črnomerec think hungry tycoons with luggages of money will continue to unpersonalised their way of living.
They are litttle bit scared. Their whole suburbs might very soon gone away but what they will get in the end!?
Traditional values of old architecture you can not meet in these suburbs.
Builders abuse people who lives here by their projects. They have ideas - but harmony of houses and buildings set by architectural standards do not exist.
After all you got here very ugly athmosphere when it is common to build without great ideas for whole suburbs.
Very soon "Črnomerec Center" might look very representitative in these suburbs.
But MUP buildings in the Kustošija are very ugly! Looks very ugly! If you want make ugly city - you just need to repeat project of new building for MUP in the Kustošija!
Beside Remetinec same building might looks very nice - but not in the Kustošija!
Here is very old populated area. MUP with such project did not show basic respect for people who lives arround.
And so on.
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