Subzero is leaking onto the floor. Starts with small area at right corner/my left as I face it. What works for you?

I'm having a problem that some of you have discussed before: my subzero is leaking. I've been finding water on the floor. Am not sure where water is coming from other than that it appears to start on the bottom left of the refrigerator (or my right when I am facing it).
I have an icemaker that is turned off because when I first got the subzero, the ice cubes were blue and no one could figure out how to fix that so, I just don't use it. Someone wondered if the water on the floor could be related to this and suggested disconnecting it.
The food in the freezer, which is at the bottom, is frozen. Sometimes vapor appears when I open the drawer and sometimes I find that water has been collecting on the top surface edge of the freezer drawer on the same side where the water begins to pool on the floor.
What do you think could be causing this and what fixes do you think may work?
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