singer heater - missing knob

Chances to find a genuine Singer heater part these days are pretty slim. I think it's probably easier to cobble together some kind of a replacement out of some found parts. I am personally guilty of using things like screw caps from the likes of toothpaste tubes, body lotions etc. to replace a missing knob in a pinch. Measure the diameter of the rod it mounts on, then measure the internal diameter of the cap that looks good for a knob, then cut a small piece of flexible PVC tubing that fits tight both over the rod and inside the cap. Then slip the tubing on the rod, slip/screw the cap onto the tubing. If the fit is tight enough, it should work. If the rod does not protrude above the front panel, a piece of brass tube may be needed to extend it for this to work. Some of the screw caps you can find on consumer products these days look much nicer than the original 30 yrs old knob :) Good luck!
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I recently had to have all my wiring redone in a house that hurt by hurricane sandy. When the electrician came and rewired the house - he had to take apart my old singer heater wall unit- somehow the knob got lost. It was clear with a red line to indicate where the temperature is set.
Can any one tell me where I can get a replacement knob?
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