We have very wet, clay, winter soil. Wind pushes our fence crooked. Ideas?

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We have a 226 ft fence on the west and east side of an half acre lot. Winds push on it and now it is leaning. Each post is set into concrete, but still it leans with wind.

Any ideas for shoring it up? Replacing it? Think wetlands in the winter and very dry in the summer!

Thank you!!!


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Don't know if your fence is designed to keep animals in/out, but if just decorative or a privacy fence, we used rolls of reed fencing. Allows wind to pass through w/o stress on posts. Ours are just attached to lengths of electrical conduit hammered about 2 feet into the ground. Fencing comes in rolls 6 ft by 15 ft., usually available at Lowe's or Home Depot.

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Old Cheap Dude's suggestion is a solid winner for the right situation. But, there a couple of options, no, the entire fence wouldn't need to be replaced. You either need to re-install the existing posts deeper (without the concrete silliness) or to add posts between posts. Concrete's use usually means installing the fence posts shallow, it's always been a dumb practice.
The soil's just simply too wet and loose for the posts to handle the boat-sails between them. As an addition to the above, you can add a larger than the post Pan/Foot or even "T" the bottom of the posts with a piece of Wood or Heavy Aluminum (diamond plate works well) to dramatically improve wind-shear strength.

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