My neighbor wants me to treat my side of cedar fence; his is painted. Necessary?

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My neighbor is insistent about this. The cedar fence is maybe 7 years old, and I've not treated it at all. His side is painted, and he complains that the wood is shrinking because I haven't treated my side. Do I need to paint or stain it?

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It's his fence, too bad. No you're not required to do anything to or for anyone's fence. Although, if you asked and partially paid for the fence or just want to stay good neighbors, but that's what fences are supposed to do without painting, then finish your side.
Paint's only okay and doesn't last, which the neighbor is now realizing and blaming on you. A Solid Stain is much better and longer lasting with only fading and no peeling. However, if wood protection is the only real concern, then One-Time Wood Protector is the only winner ( ), just slather it on every 7-years.

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