I just bought a grey stain which looks a little dark for a chair project can I lighten it?

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Just stripped a walnut chair and couldn't get all the stain out as it was dark brown and I am a little worried to go ahead and stain with this grey stain as it is a slate grey and looks kind of medium instead of light as I preferred. Not sure what to do now. I also have preconditioner that my husband picked up at the hardware store. Should I have bleached my chair and use some paint thinner to get the stain lighter before I start? Please advise as I have a wedding next week and I haven't even colored my hair yet let alone the stupid chair, thanks very much

Stressed out Mom

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Don't bother with trying to force the stain to be what it's not. Take the stain back to the store and get something lighter. One and done, instead of trial and much error.

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