Ceiling Return Vent Holes are TO BIG

We painted my son's bedroom, took down the ceiling ac vent covers. When we went to put them back, the holes were stripped and we can not get the vent to stay. I tried a longer screw, however, there is not much room to screw into. I can not get a molly bolt, or a plastic cover type fastner in there being as the hole is huge now, as well as there is not much space between the sheet rock and a hard surface, I assume it is the metal air duct. I have tried everything! At my wits end here! Any suggestions on how to make the vent stay. Is there a spring style vent cover? I looked at Lowes.com and do not see one.
Thanks in advance
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You did not not say so I am thinking round diffusers since it is in the cieling. Is it possible to rotate the vent 180 degrees from the current position and make new holes? You can fill in the existing holes with painters caulk. Another option is to get metal brackets bent at 90 degrees and screw them into the inside of the metal duct in line with the existing holes and then mount the vent to the metal bracket. You could also use butterfly bolts to hold the vent up. Can you upload a picture of what you have there so I can look at it for more options. I do not know of a spring type vent.
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