Carrier infinity 96 thermostat not registering the right temperature.

The thermostat display says the room temp is 81 when it definitely is more like 73. Cool air will blow for a short while, but then shuts off before reaching the desired temp. Thermostat display never gets to the number that it is set at. It seems as though the outside unit shuts down before the room cools enough. Is there a way to recalibrate it, or manually override the system so that it can remain on until the room is cool? Has anyone else experienced this problem? New filter was just put in 3 weeks ago.
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 I had a similar problem but it was only a 4 degree difference rather than 8 degrees. I had a thermometer on the dining room table in the same room as the thermostat. On another site it said that there may be ductwork where the thermostat was. I sat my thermometer on top of the thermostat and I got within 1 degree. And the thermostat is "inside" the wall so that may be another degree. The wall is "thin" and I really don't think there is any ductwork there, so maybe it's some other effect. I'm not sure you could make up 8 degrees so it may still be the thermostat, but I would have bet money that a 4 degree error was the thermostat.
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