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We bought a new home in the Colorado foot hills, and it has a swamp cooler. The cooler doesn't seen to be put the air in the house like I think it should. Looking on the web some sites say the pressure should close doors slightly or you can have a dollar stick to a window screen. None of this. The home had a extension added and I don't think they upgrade the size of the cooler to make up for the square foot added. our house is roughly 1600sqft, they add about 700 sqft.. The cool is three sided 2 at 34x23, and 1 at 34x29. 1/2 hp motor. I had central air before so I am new to the swamp cooler game Any help would be great
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If it's actually moving air (and that air isn't escaping somewhere else) a swamp cooler's effect depends on local humidity. When relative humidity is 5-10% (say high desert) they can do a great job of cooling by the evaporation of water, but willl need cleaning regularly, more often in hard water areas. (29 Palms yes, Altadena not quite so much.) First, look for air leaks around doors, windows, (attic hatch?)- if it's coming in, where's it going out? Next, IS it coming in? The motor is running, is it rotating the squirrel cage, and picking up water in the mat of excelsior (or more modern material)? Or pumping water over mats in the enclosure sides? Has someone put a baffle in to close it off for winter? This technology is ancient, a more elaborate version of hanging a wet towel in front of a fan, so a thorough inspection should reveal what it is supposed to do, vs. what it IS doing.
Good luck, and let us know how it works out!
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