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I've long been in favor of used bookstores to bu woodworking books. Well, one used bookstore anyway, the rest all seem to have few. New books only seem to have about one proect, at most, with prices in the $25 and up range. The used books are a lot more interesting, with a lot lower prices.
However, the last time I stopped at my favorite used bookstore, a week or so ago, they had a toy book I was interested in. But it was priced higher than I thought it was worth to me, maybe around $8. So I passed. But later, when I got home, I checked an on-oine book seller. The same book, including postage, would cost less than the used bookstore would have charged. I've been buing used books on-line for a few years now, but only books I couldn't find locally, i.e. - in a used bookstore. The bookstore I frequent is in Raleigh, and I don't get in there that much anymore, gas is too much for just a book trip, espelly when I have no idea what they might have. So, the on-line option looks even better now.
Bit if you guys just want to look for a specific type plan, go visit your local library. Most of you don't even thing about that, until someone tells you. That's probably the greatest single source of plans in the known galaxy. I used to have a larger woodworking boo selection than my local library. But now I can't say that. But if they don't have a book, for a not large fee, they can borrow a specific book for you from another library.
Even if I find a new book I really want, I check on-line prices for a used copy before I buy, Usually I can get a copy for at least a fourth of the price in a new bookstore.
I'm frugal, not cheap. A bit back, I got a used book, limited edition, scare, and paid $99 for it, which did include shipping. I'd been looking for a copy for a lonnnng time, and the only copy I'd seen for sale was listed at about $290. It is not on woodworking, it is "Single Shot Actions - Their Design and Construction". Nice book, loads of info I hadn't found before, but also not quite what I was after. Anyone interested, I'll seel it for $50, including postage. Autographed by Frank de Haas, the author, who is now deceased. Apparently the book will never be reprinted, because the family lost the copyright, and the new owner of the copyright is not willing to reprint. Strange..
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