Which has the better cordless 18v. drill: Bosch or Hitachi?

Presently have an Hitachi cordless 14.4v. impact driver. Use it for driving screws into wood. Very pleased with it so far. But this is my first ever impact driver, so I don't really know whether I should be impressed with Hitachi or the fact that I'm now using an impact driver for screws rather (ostensibly a better match) than my (corded) drill driver. That said, I am in the market to buy a cordless drill driver (since I discovered my impact driver is not quite as handy as a dedicated drill for when used for drilling). But I'm kind of torn between my long time admiration of Bosch tools and my current infatuation with Hitachi (or, at least, their cordless drivers). And since I'm not independently wealthy, I can't afford to just by one of each (although that would certainly make for a more fun afternoon). Therefore I'm seeking opinions/feedback/advice/experiences related to cordless drill drivers by Bosch and/or Hitachi (and/or any other decent quality brand worth mentioning). Thanks in advance.
PS: Bosch and Hitachi both make a 1/2 in. drive 18v. drill driver that puts out up to 550 in.lb. of torque, even though the Hitachi one uses a 3.0 Amp/hour battery whereas the Bosch uses an only 2.4 Amp/hour battery.
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