What is it? Set 417

    Posting from rec.crafts.metalworking as always.
2413)    Too small for a horse.
    Perhaps a harness for drawing a cart using a goat?
2414)    A multi-position stop for something like the push     handle on a lawnmower. A lever on the handle would connect to     the left-hand eye, and it would pivot on the right hand eye. It     would have to move a certain distance to allow the locking pin     to move from one slot to the next to lower or elevate the     handle.
2415)    Perhaps for making cubes of potting soil and poking holes into     which to place one seed per cube.
2416)    Mirrors which normally hang with the reflective surface pointed     away?
    Targets to designeed to spin around the pivot when hit? (But     that small, it would be likely that the decorative frame would     be hit too often.)
2417)    Interesting. I can only make a guess here.
    The rim mounts a reflecting lens, which is designed to focus     just a bit below the conical hole in the upper frame. This     could be used for heating something in a crucible mounted in the     conical socket which protrudes below the frame to protect the     frame from being in the primary focus.
    The figures are probably inches of focal length for the     reflective lens.
    If the conical hole were faced the other way, I would expect a     refractive lens instead of a reflective one, but with the     existing hole, the contents would fall out too easily.
2418)    A hand powered hedge trimmer -- cuts one tooth worth at a time     because the force required to cut all at once would be too great     for easy hand operation.
    Now to post and then see what others have suggested.
    Enjoy,         DoN.
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