What is it? Set 316


Guesses and such for this week:
1807 - Maybe an art-decoish fish pole reel, that doesn't look overly practical (how does one untangle the line)
1808 - Sign hanger for a store wall?
1809 - Possibly a noise making machine (for theatrical sound effects before the era of recorded sounds)--the top crank causing the slats to slap, with various pressures adjustable by the pin mechanism at the bottom, and the lower crank revolving balls or something in the screened wheel (or perhaps rotating the screen against the canvas piece). Possibly this would be for horse or rain effects?
1810 - Pipe cleaning doohicky?
1811 - Strange beast; the rod is threaded in a different direction where the 'A1' casting is than the two ends, which suggests that it moves the A1 opposite something that's not shown. Maybe this is a saw set for a large saw?
1812 - Hand exerciser, used like bicycle pedals?
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