Update - Cane

Got the can laminated from some of the oak flooring the kid had given me, but then got involved in life for awhile. Dig get a chance a few days ago to run it thru the planer, and take it down to one inch. Of course, could have done that before I ever glued it together, but I'm just winging this whole thing, and didn't think about it in time. Besides, where's the fun in that?
Started cutting out the inside arch of the handle yesterday, but got iinterrupted. Finished it today. Used a 4" hole saw. Worked well, and give a nice, comfortable, feel. Definitely use that ideanext cane.
So, now it's an inch thick, just as I planned. However, it's over two inches the other way. I'm thinking that this calls for a bit of planing. With the hand power planer. And/or belt sander too. Hehehe
Yeah, yeah, I know, I could be doing this a lot more efficiently. Maybe next time, this one is for fun, and is proving to be a treat learning experience. I probably will be making more canes, by the way, because I can't decide whether I want to keep this one square, make it octagon, or round itall. So I'll probably make a couple more, just to have one of each. The overlapping, laminated, flooring worked out nicely too - plenty strong, and looks interesting. Probably won't be finished in less than a couple of weeks, minimu, 'cause of higher priories. Hmm, probably have to make four canes, now that I think n it, and painted it yellow. Heh heh/.
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