Sears 14 inch bandsaw on closeout, 428 bucks.

snip I guess I ended up bashing after all, but this is from my own experience, and it's justified. What really galls me now is that they've added a new "professional series" of mechanics tools. When I was a teenager, the everyday Craftsman wrenches were top quality and there was no need for the "deluxe" series. Sigh.
I think this is the issue that the old timers (I'm included) remember when Craftsman was equal to what Snap-on is today, or at least we thought so. They may be moving in that direction again. My son worked for a motorcycle dealer for a while. The mechanics bought a lot of Craftsman wrenches because if one broke, Sears replaced it.
Imported crap is imported crap, it doesn't matter what label you put on it.
I have no doubt that John's saw does what he wants to do with it. If that is the case, it's a good value for him. Mark Dugenske has Craftsman bandsaws in his shop. Michael Fortune has Ridgid bandsaws in his shop. Both guys have Delta's or equal in their shops.
I have a shop full of Rockwell, Delta, PC, and DW tools in my shop. They have cheapened the products with their imports to the point, I'll probably buy Steel City If I need to replace one. I'm happy with Jet tools at this time. If I buy a mini-lathe, it will probably be a Jet.
If I buy handtools, I expect them to come out of the box working. I will probably buy Lee Valley or LN, however, Wenzloff, Grammecy, and Blue Spruce are names I will look at.
I received a wooden spokeshave for Christmas that came from Traditional Woodworking Tools that is great.
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