Recyclling And A Pounderonner

Years back, when I made my saw stan it was too high. So I lopped six inches off the top and re-did it. It's still taller than the average saw but suits me.
The top was too good to toss, so it sat around the shop for quite awhile, until I decided I needed a stand with a revolving top for finishing small projects. That involved the saw stand top as the base, a lot of odd-shaped leftover pieces as the body, and a skateboard truck as the revolving part Except for the top, came out looking kinda future art or something,but worked fine. Now the mandatory however. However, I found out it aas more of a PITA to use it than not. Sot it sat.
I've been needing something to pound on for uite awhile now. I've got a 4 foot log Tiki in the shop, but it's too much of a bother to use. So needed something short enough to use while seated, and sturdy. Ah, the revolving finish stand. Lopped the top off, including the skateboard truck. Am now in the gluing stage of adding some chunks of 2X4 that came from a circular saw cutting rig that I scrapped out today, un-needed now that I've got the miter saw jig finished. I've got two chunks of about 1 1/2" laminated beam out in the shop, they'll be glued together, then glued on top of the stand. So in a day or so I'll have a first class pounderonner. Plus, it's at the right height to use as a stool if desired. Recycling is great. I feel so good about this I think next time I paint a tool yellow I'll paint my new pounderonner too. Life is basically good.
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