RE: Spraying Minwax

I use a commercial electric hotplate where the heating elements are enclosed in an aluminum base with a thermostat. I set it at about 175 degrees and put the 2 qt pot from my remote gun that has about 2 1/2 ft of hose from the pot to the gun. When the thermostat begins to cycle, I know the Minwax Helmsman High Gloss is ready. Initially the surface has an orange peal texture but since the material is heated it really flows out nicely. While using the pot, I put the supply can on the hot plate to get it started heating so there is less wait time when I refill the pot. I restore classic mahogany boats. A book I studied on boat finishing said that if your dry finish is so glossy that it looks wet and people want to touch it, you have accomplished your goal! It is fun to show the boats and then watch out the corner of your eye as the owner sheepishly gently touch the surface to see if it is actually dry or not. Without them saying anything I feel complimented.
Do not over apply the material, as soon as the orange peal appears, move on. Do not thin the material, that just causes you to have to put on additional coats to obtain the desired buildup.
I use a conventional gun at about 90 lbs. and about 12 lbs. of pot pressure.
Don Dando
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