Re: advice/guide on how to evaluate, wire, and set up fractional-horsepower motors?

Yesterday, I took the motor to a motor repair shop and asked a few questions. I felt really awkward and stupid about my questions.

The guy suggested taking apart the motor and replacing the wires with longer lengths, or using a crimp-down insulated tube (sorry, don't know the proper term for this) to splice on another length of wire. I got the feeling it's just "do whatever works".
(In normal residential home wiring, there are certain practices that inspectors look for to see that a wiring job is done safely. I thought there were similar practices when hooking up motors, hence my questions.)

Yes, I was told this by a coworker.
The repair shop guy said the slight plucking noise I hear when I rotate the shaft manually might be that switch. He couldn't confirm without opening up the motor.

There are two bolted-down attachment points, each one with three prongs. One has L1 and one of the starter leads, the other L2 and the other starter lead. The third prong is for power.

Thanks, I'll look for these.

There was a bumpy section on the case that the guy identified as the grounding symbol (It was "upside down" from how I would usually draw it.) He said to use an existing case screw (outside the wiring panel), or to attach to a hole in the case inside the panel (I'd have to tap my own threads into that hole).
Thanks for your help, whit3rd. I appreciate it!
- Daniel
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