planes in Charlottesville

I took a little ride down Rt 29 from Fairfax to Charlottesville yesterday stopping at every town along the way. I'm used to finding good deals on planes, and I fured that I'd find some new sources. Wrong. What I found suggested price fixing. Most planes I found, regardless of age, brand, condition or completeness were being sold for $27.50. It was bizarre. Metal, wood, moulding, #4, #5, broken, welded, knobless, with or w/o decals, the price was the same. Until I came to an Emporium known for the local mountains. The prices there made the others look reasonable. Crappy #5s for $45-50 and a really bad of #7 for $120. I was assured that the person owning the stuff had plenty of sales. Must be a bunch of yuppies passing through. If you get the chance to go that Rt (29) enjoy the scenery, but don't bother looking in the antique stores. One of the places had a bunch of drawknives and saws, nice old Disstons, swaybacks and knotched noses, but they'd been cleaned with Naval Jelly. It looked like they'd been wiped in mud, and the wipe marks were left to dry. All in all, a nice drive, but not much of a bottom feeding experience. Oh well, next to Richmond.
Dave in Fairfax
Dave Leader
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