Paslode IM250A Cordless Finish Nailer, Stripped Treads Problem

Does anyone in this NG have any experience with the threads stipping on the depth adjustment knob? Double click on the following URL for details:
The unit is 2 months out of warranty. I'm a do-it-yourselfer that has done only two small room projects with, shooting about a dozen or so rows of nails....that rows, not boxes!
Two weeks ago the unit had a bad spark plug which I replaced. Now the threads are stripped on the depth adjuster, so it only shots nails deep. The adjuster appears to be made of a softer steel than probe. The adjuster is a bear to replace...need to tear unit apart.
It appears to be a design problem. It looks to me like the size of threads are too small for the impulse or impact load that the threads have to absorb.
Of course the tech support is mute on but the spark plug and the thread problem. When pushed, they give the usual response that I'm the only one that has reported this problem. The warranty repair shop says they routinely see the stripped threads problem. At least they're honest.
Question I have, has anyone experienced the stripped thread problem and found a solution, short of replacement of the adjuster?
Thanks much in advance. Cheers, Jim
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