I know not many of us are in the situation I want to bring to your attention, but another thread reminds me of the real dangers of polypharmacy - taking too many medications. Often, when called to a "failure to thrive" situation, we're confronted with six, ten, a dozen or more medications from three or more doctors. Depending on the doctor on duty in the ED, these patients are often admitted for observation, drugs withheld, and symptoms treated as they appear. Remarkable how many folks seem to improve from _lack_ of medication. Helps their wallet, too.
Another situation which is all too common is to arrive with one individual suffering reduced level of consciousness or even comatose, and the spouse incapable of giving a medical history, forcing a history or diagnosis by pill bottle, and hoping we've got 'em all. Pits to administer TPA for a possible stroke and find out after the blood is done that the patient is taking Warfarin.
So, might I suggest you look at http://www.folife.org/ for some great ideas to do on your own, for your own, or within your civic organization. Have the card reviewed by the primary care physician (the one you see when you're well), and give a copy to secondary caregivers if you are concerned that dementia may cause their removal from the fridge.
Hey, if you were diabetic, you wouldn't think of going without a card or bracelet. No difference.
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