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Hi folks I thought I might do a bit of unsolicited review for this Product If You haven't seen or heard of it before.
I was an past employee of 10 years there , 2-5 year stints as a Machinist A ssembler, Practical designer and Support. Over all it is a good time tested machine. It has some inherent flaws, drawbacks. shortcomings, limitations E.C.T. as all machinery does. Through the years folks have made a living relying mostly only this little machine. For instance: picture frame makers, molding makers and restoration folks. It has been endorsed by "This Little old House" and "Yankee Workshop" on T.V. Some finish carpenter restorators have been able to duplicate Moldings long since out of production with the support of the Custom Knife dept. The Heart of W&H Specialty. The machine Itself is reasonably rugged in today’s terms possibly more rugged than the Imports. Like automobiles they do wear parts and require repair and refurbishing, The parts Support is comprehensive but not inexpensive. The overall cost of the machine and it's model variations on the other hand is not so competitive and is the machine's drawback. Still it probably is a worthwhile investment for the Specialty Woodworker t hat is prepared to accept some of these shortcomings.
I am reviewing this machine not for the purpose of the W&H Business Profits . Merely, I introduce ,if there is a specific need, You here at this site hav e, for such a product. Please do shop the competition, it is out there. Woodmaster, Grizzly, Shop Fox and Jet have a similar versions that were bu ilt upon this need loosely based on the W&H design as well. I assure You I feel the W&H Custom knife dept. is the very best of the equa tion. Be careful of nails and metal because they are not inexpensive. They are made with great steel, machined ,ground and heat treated to perfec tion.
I myself do not own one since I have very little need to substantiate it's cost. I hope this may be a helpful revue for those of You who have need of such a product. rick B.
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