Maple bats a hazard in baseball?

Okay maybe I can see an issue with the maple bats, but the little league lawsuit is just plain wrong.
1. He wasn't playing a Little League game, only that Little League had approved the bat for use. 2. The Police League isn't named in the suit hmmmmm wonder why. 3. Sports Authority because they sold a legal product. 4. These metal bats have been patented since 1924 and in mainstream use since the early 1970s, with numerous studies finding no fault with them
I'd be more interested in if any adult at the game was CPR qualified. What happened between the time he was hit and he received medical attention? His Dad was present, what did he do? Did this boy own a similar bat? Which would mean his parents approved the bat also.
It's sad this boy has had this happen to him, but all sports have dangers and this could have happened just as easily with a wooden bat. Line drives hurt when you don't catch or deflect them.
Really it is a sad statement on our country that our liable laws have gotten so out of hand.
Kicks soap box back under table.

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