Kreg Miter Gauge/Heavy Duty Track vs. FastTrak DP Trak

I bought a Kreg Precision Miter Gauge with the Add-On System, and I can see some differences between the Kreg Heavy Duty Track and FastTrak's DP Track.
The back of the two kinds of tracks are nearly identical. The FastTrak has a V-groove on the back for some unknown reason, and the Kreg has a grove on the top underside. The fronts are identical. The top of the tracks are where there is a big difference.
The FasTTrak has two T-tracks. You can place a standard metal ruler diagonally in either track, and use a stop in either track. Not really elegant.
The Kreg Heavy Duty Track has one T-Track. The other holds a stick-on ruler, and has a dovetail in the front of the track.
A couple of things - the Kreg Solid Production Stop cannot be used on other tracks, because it uses the dovetail and not the T-Track. So you can't use this stop on other tracks.
An advantage of the FastTrak is you can place a piece of 1/2" wood in front of the fence, and move the stop to the front track. This can't be done with the Kreg. You can put wood in front, but you have to make your own stops.
Because of the Kreg ruler, the Kreg stops have a transparent hairline. You can place a stick-on ruler on the front surface of either tracks.
Also, the DP Track can be used with the FasTTrak Angle Head. You need two DP Tracks, and the angle head will make sure you have perfectly aligned miter cuts, i.e. Separate heads for 90 (4-sided), 60 (6-sided) or 22 (8-sided) miters are available.
The FastTrak/Prarie River Curved Stop: Is narrower Has no hairline/lens Has a reversible t-track clamp which can be used for wider tracks The connector to the curved stop is closer-set to the track. The Kreg Curved Stop Is wider Has a hairline lens on top Has 2 adjustment screws to tighten the clamps on the bolt. The connector to the curved stop is in the middle of the curve. The Kreg "Perfect Miter" can be used on all stops.
I'm ordering extra DP Tracks so I can use it with the Kreg Miter Gauge and Angle Head.
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