Flash burned chest

Just got a job a little out of my normal area, Cedar chest that got flash burned in a house fire. All or the finish has bubbled and scorched on the chest. You can see the outline of items that were laying on the top of the chest as a burned and not burned outline. I took 000 steel wool and lacquer thinner and tried washing it, no results, 000 and denatured alcohol seemed to clean a couple of the worst area off down to the wood. a little 80 grit sand paper brought out the color on those spots, so no trouble there. Scorching around some of the case edges that will probably have to be planed down. Seems like a straight forward "refinishing' job, but to be sure does any one know of any problem areas I should watch out for? Stiff brush takes off about 60% of old finish and can find no damage to wood (cracks etc,) Back of chest (fiberboard) is a total lose and will be replaced. Glue joints appear unaffected. Thanks
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