Festool -DANGER Will Robinson - aka yet another slippery slope

OK - so there's The Heavy Iron Slippery Slope, The Neander Tools Slippery Slope, The Sharpening System Slippery Slope - and now The Festool System Slippery Slope. Each causes acceleration of the depletion of one's checking account.
My Festool System Sliippery Slope has begun with the Festool Trion PS 300 EQ, a 5 pound, barrel grip, pendulum jigsaw with Systainer - which, coincidentaly, is the least expensive tool in their "system". While it works very well, its dust/chip collection set up begs for a Festool "mobile dust extractor" - the least expensive model is $285, mid range $425 and high end at $490. Each of them has a 110V outlet for you power tool. Turn on the tool, the "extractor" comes on and then the tool. At 72 db, these vacuum cleaners all also serve as the wheeled base for Systainers to stack upon and lock to.
After that it's probably one of their three plunge routers $325 -$425 - locking shaft with single wrench ratcheting collet nut tightening/loosening. Of course that would benefit from their Multi-Function Table ($320-$440) as well as three or four hundred bucks worth of clamps, stops and other accessories.
If you have the table it'll make some operations with the Festool TS 55 EQ or TS 75 EQ, 6 1/4" and 8 1/4" plunge circular saw, with guide, even easier. At $430 and $550 respectively, these plunge circular saws look sort of familiar - but they're only very distant cousins to their "created for construction sites" circular saws. If you do sheet goods cabinets, one of these, with the guide rail that comes with it, along with one of the three Festool plunge routers, would do the job. Wouldn't hurt to have the RO 150 E - dual mode 6" circular sander either.
Oh, if there are any screws to drive - even in a corner, Festool's C12 cordless drill - at $345, $460 with their FastFix and Centronic chucks.
Festool is to hand power tools what Veritas is to neander tools, without Veritas's very reasonably price ranges.
It'll come as no surprise that Mr. Lucas got his hands on most of Festools product line and has given them a workout on an actual set of projects. Be forewarned, your checking account may be assaulted. Go here - if you dare.
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If you like Porsche and Mercedes - you're gonna love Festool.
charlie b no association with Festool - just a beginning addict.
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