dust collector wiring help?

I have a Reliant model 720 Dust Collector on which the switch has died. I opened it up to see if I could fix or replace the switch and lo and behold some bare wires greeted me along with the wire nut that tumbled to the floor. However I'm unsure how to reconnect everything so I'm hoping that someone has a Reliant dust collector and might send me a scan of the motor schematic or simply e-mail how theirs is wired up. This is for 110v setup.
The original dealer is out of business (Woodworkers Warehouse).
If it helps the wires from the motor are:
From power cord:
Black-Red-Green (normal) ---- Black and Red are on one side of switch, Green to motor housing.
And still on the other side of the switch:
Yellow-Yellow (this seems strange both same color but it could just be a factory goof)
Any help please respond to freestatedesign(nospam)@yahoo.com remove (nospam) from address to send
Thanks in advance for any help.
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