Drum Sander Review...

In response to BARRY's request for an in depth review... I'll re-post w/pix to a.b.p.w...
On Sun. March 24th my buddies and I went to the Milwaukee WW Show. (It has definitely shrunk in the past few years, but we'll still go next year...)
While there, another guy and I each bought a http://www.stockroomsupply.com/Flat_Master.php Check out the mop sander thingus while yer there... Any way, He got the 24", I got the 30".
His arrived on Thurs. mine on Fri. Ordered and received motors on Fri. 1/2 horse 1750 RPM. All the damn motors I've got layin' around, and that isn't among them... RATS!
Grabbed a $2.50 steel auction special cabinet that I had in the inventory. With out that I would surely be building a base of some sort for the tool. Then got about Installing motor. The capacitor on the motor is just a wee big... after modiframjunating the tabletop some.... Still have to install a switch, but...
Tuning is stupid easy. Paper changes easily. There is a feel to getting the paper on, but anyone still reading can develop the skill in seconds.
Initially, DC is unnecessary. Pretty impressive actually... It threw up virtually no dust, but the reality is that any machine removing that much material is gonna need some DC sooner or later. So...
I removed the drum assembly. Took a 3" PVC Flush to Floor Pipe Strainer, chopped out the PVC grating w/scroll saw. Reduced the diameter a bit so it fits into the factory DC hole. A piece of 3" PVC about 1.5" long, got glued to the Stainer. (actually had to cement it... remove it... let 'er dry... do it again... to make up for the decreased diameter... If they only made that derned hole bigger! Prolly just right for Canadian metric pipe?) Took a 3" PVC coupling hacked in half so that it too is about 1.5 long, and clamped it in the end of a 4" hose, I chose not to cement it in place. Just give er a shove and it's plenty enough air tight... Might go to a 45 fitting, but fer now this works...
Don't know that it's a must because it's all good without, but, a little bit of the Handyman's secret weapon (Duct tape... Carpe Ductum!) on the shaft ends and you've got some serious suction around that drum!!!
Like the hold down wheels for the fence too! Very effective.
Given what any competing drum sander costs, this is a far more economical tool. That said... it is further my guess that this tool will produce mounds of saw dust in my shop over the coming years, and that very little of that will escape my DC. Overall a beautifully simple, amazingly effective design. So far, I'm thrilled!
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