Delta Model 36-979 + 30" Beisemeyer owner's manual error

Hi there, just something I ran into while assembling my new table saw. I recently purchased the Detla 36-979 table saw and 30" Beisemeyer fence from Lowe's. It is a far cry all around from the cheap benchtop saw I replaced, but that's another story. What I did come across are a couple of assembly/user manual errors that are a bit frustrating. Aside from some of the sequence errors you run into when assembling the saw by following the manual, one of the oddest was the holes fitted to accept the rear fence rail. The manual says they are 3/8th's inch when, in fact, they're 8mm. Oddly, the front and side holes on the table are 3/8th's of an inch. Biesemeyer supplies you with all kinds of nuts and bolts with their 30" fence but all are in imperial sizes. However, after assembling my saw I noticed two additional bolts in the Delta saw package that didn't have a home- both 8mm. Is the parent not communicating with the subsidiary?
Also, on another note, the holes for the index plate on the fence recieve the same paint treatment that the fence does. Nice protection for the metal, but thick and hard to screw in to. In fact, I stripped the phillips head of one of the screws they provided. I went to my hardware store and purchased a #10-32 1/2" allen head screw, and also ran my 10-32 tap through the hole which fixed the problem. That said, why not use an allen head screw to start with? Phillips head screws love to strip out if the screw meets with any resistance.
Aside from that, the right cast iron extension wing must have the holes drilled in upside down because it won't line up properly with the table to save my life. I've measured the distance of the hole to the top of the extension with a set of calipers and while all three are a consistent distance to the top, they are not the same distance as the other wing or other side of the same wing. The joke is on me.
Well, hopefully this might help someone trying to figure out what in the world is going on with the tapped holes on the back of the table without the trial and error I just went through.
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