Das Lathe Bench - In The Home Stretch

In the home stretch on Das Lathe Bench. Got the conflict between the piano hinged debris chute and the shelf worked out, added a rosewood knob the the hinged dust chute so I don't have to push it up from under the bench and came up with a way to - put a lip on the back of the bench top to keep things I don't want falling off the back while having the option of sweeping / air blasting stuff I do want off the bench top - keep debris from falling on to my shelf below the bench top.
Good thing I'm using the Build / Design As You Go Approach for this thing. I thought I'd worked out just about everything before I started building - but I knew an unforseen or two would pop up somewhere along the way.
So here's the next two pages on Das Lathe Bench
As always, comments, suggestions, questions and constructive criticism are appreciated.
charlie b
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