Caulking Gun Clamps

I had to derust a bunch of metal. Most of it is pipe and round stock with some flat iron and square tubing in there. It was done with a wire cup brush on an angle grinder. I needed some way to clamp it down at another location without access to a vise or other goodies I have at home.
I remember the comments in this newsgroup about a good deal on clamps at Big Lots. Since ther was one down the street, I dropped in today to take a look. And there was two very strange clamps hanging on a peg. They looked like a caulking gun. But instead of being able to put a tube of caulking in it, it was a clamp. It is their own brand of cheapy tools. It is called a pro source 6 inch quick release wood clamp. I got two of them for $4 a piece.
These are not quality tools. They are stamped metal and you have to ease up to the clamping position. But I banged together a holder for my metal parts and just clamped everything to the saw horses. I fired up the grinder and away I went. It worked pretty good. At least 90% of the metal was accessable with this setup.
I can think of a bunch of situations where these would have been handy in wood cutting or assembly, particularly in the field where you don't want to bring along your good clamps so others can steal them.
Anyway, it worked for me. Again, not quality tools. But a quick fix in the field is worth a bunch of trips home or to the store. So a reasonable solution was found. I particularly like the fact that if I kill the clamps with the angle grinder, I am not out a bunch of money. Also there is litle likelyhood of becoming emotionally attached to them.
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