Aftermarket chip breakers on old planes

I've restored several old Stanley bench planes (No.s 4, 5, 6), mostly Type 13's (1930-1931) vintage. I install new Hock blades and Clifton two-piece chip breakers, and I've had very good results.
But, on a Type 19 No. 3 (1940's - 1961), the rectangular slot on the Clifton chip breaker that receives the depth adjustment lever doesn't line up perfectly with the original. As a result, the depth adjustment mechanism bottoms out before I can fully retract the blade out of the throat. There's enough throat in front of the blade and chip breaker, I just can't back the assembly out far enough to get a good shaving.
Anybody else have this problem? Is there a solution?
Thanks a heap, -Zz
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