Women and DIY

Just been to see Lou. I knocked down her pantry wall over the weekend
(she had a go but I did most it) as per earlier post.
1. She had the skip delivered onto her driveway boxing my car in [1].
2. She offered to start washing the van whilst I chopped up the door
frame to fit into the skip. So she gave the van a pre hose down with the
windows open.
3. Complained that she was on a water meter and I was costing her money
to wash the van.
4. Asked to "borrow" £100 for the skip.
5. Complained again about me having a piss out the back door on Saturday
6. Asked if I could fit spotlights in the kitchen.
7. Complained that her 16 year old son could only carry one brick at a
time to the skip.
8. Threw the reusable rubble sacks at the bottom of the skip instead of
emptying them into the skip.
9. Complained that I did not fetch wine or flowers
10. Offered to stop at mine on Saturday night.
Strange that no 10 made me forgive her.
[1] She played hell up last time when I removed a fence panel and wheel
spun it across the back lawn to get out.
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Women mostly don't do the hard & hazardous jobs, so they have expectations that don't fit much DIY.
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Until they get divorced, then they learn how to load logs on a trailer and use a chainsaw to feed the woodburner ...
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Andy Burns
She just happens to be a woman, I know plenty of blokes with no attention to think before you do things. Indeed a now sadly dead lady friend of mine was not only a good DIYer but when enjoyed bricklaying as well. So I guess it depends where your talents lie in this world. My frien died too young of cancer who said this world was fair. Brian
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Brian Gaff (Sofa)
In message , Andrew writes
However, next door's daughter's boyfriend was confused as to why a masonry drill was having problems making a hole in wood. He claims that he used to be a kitchen fitter.
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