Who is going to be the 500th?

Just noticed that the wiki is sitting on 499 pages of proper content
pages (i.e. excluding talk pages etc)...
Perhaps there ought to be a prise for the author of the 500th?
other stats:
Over 1,500 uploaded images
17,000 edits since created
133 registered users (cheer!), only two who have done anything in the
last month (boo!)
and our top ten most viewed pages:
Main Page 507,074
House Wiring for Beginners 289,309
Roof construction 212,695
Talk:Main Page 161,810
Cables 145,588
Central Heating Controls and Zoning 134,014
Central heating design 92,438
Make Things from PVC Pipe 84,466
Taking electricity outside 84,164
Motorised Valves 78,172
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John Rumm
In message , John Rumm writes
So where is the one on showers in difficult bathroom layouts?
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Tim Lamb
I've got several I wrote but didn't finish or put to the group here yet. Some time it'll happen.
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If you fancy writing it, why not?
Drop me a line if you want a wiki account.
As a way of getting power "off grid" there are certainly DIY aspects that could be covered. Not sure how much scope there is for claiming FiT payments with DIY systems though.
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John Rumm
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I presume none. What happens if you have a pro system fed by a diy system?
An article was roughly written recently here, but most of it never posted on the wiki by the authors. Tiling faq:
formatting link
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