Which is cheaper?

Is it cheaper to keep my CH on low all day, 8am-8pm, so that it is kept on a
low temp or is it better to have it on full blast 2 hours am and two pm. I
am just wondering which is the most cost effective way of keeping the house
As I have a special needs daughter the house needs to be fairly warm.
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It's cheaper to insulate fully before twiddling with the thermostat and controls.
If daughter needs to be warm then letting the house get cold when she's in it and awake isn't a good idea.
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Or get it delivered for free
Barry - that is not a fair question to ask this forum. We cannot make the judgement, nor is it fair to ask our advise in the circumstances you state. You must take the advise of the authorities that have identified your daughter as being special needs and whether she needs to have constant temperature or not.
The reason I say this is that 'special needs' does cover a wide range of disability and it is only with that information that an opinion can be passed - and with all due respect, there would need to be a specialist with that area of knowledge on this forum to be able to assist you.
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As a general principle, if you switch off heating when you don't need it you will use less energy. You will all be more comfortable the longer the heating is on, but it will cost more. I don't think I would be going for "short, sharp blasts" here, I'd be draft proofing, insulating, keeping internal doors shut, and perhaps dropping the thermostat a degree or two to make savings.
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In message , robgraham writes
Why not ?
It was a fairly simple question, giving a bit of background as to why
I think that the answer is that, since keeping his daughter comfortable is prolly the most important consideration, on all day is prolly the only way to go
On twice would be cheaper
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Have you looked into seeing if any grants are available, or assistance with energy efficiency measures such as cavity wall insulation ?
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Colin Wilson
And you can't work that out for yourself? I was about to tell you about the many benefits you could claim, including for heating and insulation - but you probably wouldn't do anything about it. I can't believe there are so many thick people about. What did you do before newsgroups? How did you survive.
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Given that the guy's specifically asking about costs, not how to heat his house effectively (which I agree would be a no-brainer), I think your reply is totally unwarranted.
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Here is the great thing about newsgroups. He asks a specific question, but you want to tell him about something different and then make assumptions that he is useless, thick and inept.
90% of the time people do not provide enough information in the original question to provide the compete answer, and people have to make certain assumptions, but you are stretching things.
There is nothing wrong with asking about it, there is something wrong with jumping to wild conclusions based upon so little information.
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low all day, 8am-8pm, so that it is kept on
How many do you claim? I'd like to know how my hard earned tax payments are being spent.
Just look in the mirror.
What about you?
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Man at B&Q
You might be better with a programmable thermostat, so the house doesn't get really cold between the peak heating periods.
If you don't have the heating on, how quickly does the house get cold and how long does it take to warm up again when you turn the heating back on? And how does this correlate to the occupancy times?
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